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In August 1960, on the recommendation of Governor Achmad Bastari and commander of military region IV / Sriwijaya col. Harun Sohal, formed preparatory committee of establishment faculty of medicine by Indonesia Medical Association (IDI) Palembang branch with the Chairman dr. Adnan WD, vice chairman col. dr. Noesmir, 1st Secretary dr. Goepito Hardjowijono, 2nd Secretary col. dr. J. Roesad, with some members, dr. M. Ali (Lie Kiat Teng), dr. Setiardjo, dr. A. Hakim dan dr. M. Hoesin. On September 15th, 1960, The committee succeeded in outlining the plans and working guidelines for establishing faculty of medicine. In this preparation process, the committee consulted with the Dean of faculty of medicine Universitas Indonesia Prof. dr. Soekarjo. The results of this committee meeting then submitted to the Rector of Unsri drg.M.Isa on April 26th, 1961.

On September 4th, 1961, Rector Unsri, with the approval of commander of mlitary region IV / Sriwijaya appoint Col. dr. J. Roesad became a formateur and also Chairman of the Establishment committee of faculty of medicine Unsri with decree No. Kpts 777-3/9/1961. On January 2nd, 1962, the committee held discussion with the chairman UI Prof. Dr. Soedjono D Poesponogoro and produce willingness of UI to assist instructor. On July 24th, 1962, while waiting for the decision of the Minister of PTIP, released Unsri president decision No. 292/K.I regarding the opening of the faculty of medicine on August 1st, 1962. Official recognition by the government is published in the form of ministerial decree No. PTIP. 668 / A / III / 1962 on September 4th, 1962. While waiting for the arrival of dr. A.I. Muttalib who will be Dean, The Dean of faculty of medicine Unsri is held by Unsri President drg. Mass, while Vice Dean of academic field is held by Col. dr. J. Roesad. The official ceremony of faculty of medicine Unsri was held on October 1st, 1962, which was further regarded as the "Anniversary" of faculty of medicine Unsri, located in the hall of general hospital Mohammad Hoesin Palembang by Brigjen Dr. Soemantri, the power of the 1st Minister of the PTIP Department as well as signing Charter of Establishment of faculty of medicine.

The next development is the recognition of FK Unsri as medical specialist education administrator, published in the form of decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0271 / U / 1980 on December 4th, 1980 for pediatrics study program  and surgery Study Program. In 1982 also recognized eye disease study program. In 1986 Internal medicine study Program, and in 1987 Obstetrics and Gynecology Study Program. In 2002, the Neurology Study Program and Anatomy Pathology Study Program was opened.


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Becomes reputable faculty of medicine in Southeast Asia based on education, research, and services in medical science and health in 2025


  1. Organizes and develops education in the field of medical science and health in accordance with international standard based on local wisdom
  2. Conducts and develops research in the field of medical science and health quality so that can be recognized and applied in the development of science at the national and international level
  3. Organizes and develops devotion and service to society as a referral center in medical science and health
  4. Conducts and develops quality management system and efficient and quality governance



  1. Produces professional medical and health graduates uphold professional ethics and be able to compete in national and international level
  2. Produces useful research product for institution and society, has intellectual property rights,, and publishes in national and international accredited journals
  3. Provides devotion and service to society in medicine field and superior health, national and international reference sources
  4. Applies management and governance based on good governance